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Diary of meetings of all AIRPORTS COORDINATION COMMITTEES and related Committees (Slot Performance Committees, Capacity Committees, Executive Committees,...) in the WORLD
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Austria (AT)INNINNSBRUCKINN Coordination Committee meetingCoordination Committee Meeting Airport Innsbruck2018/05/08 MORE INFO
Austria (AT)VIEVIENNA INTERNATIONALVIE Coordination Committee meetingCoordination Committee Meeting Airport Vienna2018/09/26 MORE INFO
Germany (DE)DUSDUSSELDORFCoordination Committee Dusseldorf Airport2018/03/14 Dusseldorf Airport (exact location to be finalized)MORE INFO
Italy (IT)TRNTORINO - CaselleTRN - TorinoCoordination Committee W182018/03/23
ENAC Torino meeting roomMORE INFO
Italy (IT)CAGCAGLIARI - ElmasCAG - CagliariCoordination Committee W182018/04/09
Business Centre Carliari AirportMORE INFO
Italy (IT)VRNVERONA - VillafrancaVRN - VeronaCoordination Committee W182018/04/16
Press room Verona airportMORE INFO
Italy (IT)PMOPALERMO - Falcone BorsellinoPMO - PalermoCoordination Committee W182018/04/17
ENAC meeting roomMORE INFO
Italy (IT)PSAPISA - Galileo GalileiPSA - PisaCoordination Committee W182018/04/19
ENAC Pisa meeting roomMORE INFO
Italy (IT)FLRFIRENZE - PeretolaFLR - FirenzeCoordination Committee W182018/04/20
Orange room Firenze airportMORE INFO
Italy (IT)FCOROME Fiumicino - Leonardo da VinciFCO - Roma FiumicinoCoordination Committee W182018/05/02
room 711MORE INFO
Italy (IT)GOAGENOVA - Cristoforo ColomboGOA - GenovaCoordination Committee W182018/05/03
Cerimoniale di Stato Genova airportMORE INFO
Italy (IT)CTACATANIA - FontanarossaCTA - CataniaCoordination Committee W182018/05/07
ENAC Catania meeting roomMORE INFO

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