The WWACG members have developed the strategy of their association for the coming years

Strategy agreed by WWACG members print PRINT

Seek to register all Head of Delegation coordinators and schedule facilitators as members of the WWACG and establish distribution lists of members, to be regularly updated by the secretariat.

Members should provide changes to their contact details to the secretariat promptly.

Funding : The organization is funded by its members    

The Core Group decides on funding strategy which is approved at the plenary sessions and takes responsibility for administering funds on behalf of members.

Provide a forum for sharing information among members on pertinent matters on relevant matters and to develop common positions on relevant issues by organizing plenary meetings during Schedule Conferences or at other venues. If needed in the future an extra meeting at the end of the Schedule Conferences could be considered.

In between meetings contact will be maintained by e-mail messages on topical issues and especially on developments in JSAG (Joint Scheduling Advisory Group), until the WWACG website can take over.


Plenary meetings to be timely and topical. Preparation will include the sending information sheets and worling papers prior to the plenary session.

Further development of the WWACG website is funded by the fees of members.


Training :   Members can support or mentor other members by assisting in training and skill development.

Requests will always be positively considered.

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